EASTSHINE (이스트샤인) Interview

Following their debut with their first mini album 'EMBERS', we have the honor of interviewing boy group EASTSHINE. EASTSHINE group is made up of seven members, IEL, KARIS, DONGJAE, HYUN, YOUNGGWANG, PHOENIX and LUMIN, debuted on November 16 with a mini album called 'EMBERS', a mini album that we were able to enjoy in our review of each one. 

In the interview they tell us how their pre-debut has been, their debut, what awaits us from the group in the future, and much more that we will tell you below.




Hi, thanks for your time. Can you introduce yourself for our readers?

IEL – Hello, I'm IEL, the leader of EASTSHINE!

HYUN – Hello, I'm HYUN in charge of EASTSHINE’s talent!!


PHOENIX - Hello, I'm the youngest member of the EASTSHINE’s PHOENIX team.

KARIS – Hello, I'm KARIS, EASTSHINE's charming voice.

YOUNGGWANG - Hello, I am the chic YOUNGGWANG who is in charge of the main dancer position at EASTSHINE.

LUMIN - Hello, I'm EASTSHINE’s cutie LUMIN

You are the first group of your company, how was the preparation for the debut? What excited you the most when you debuted?

YOUNGGWANG – You helped me prepare a lot of vocal, dance, recording, profile shooting classes, personality education, and psychological counseling through a systematic curriculum at the company, but above all, you led me to grow into an artist. So, in order to make my debut, I think I have come to look at myself objectively and learn a lot of good things and things about myself. What I was most looking forward to preparing for was that I was able to meet celebrities that I had only seen on TV or the Internet in person, and it was amazing that I became a celebrity on that stage

You have been involved in the creation of some of the songs on the album, how has the experience been?

IEL - It's my first time releasing a song that I made, so the process wasn't easy, but I was happy because I felt like I was growing as I made it. If I have a chance next time, I want to do better with more advanced performances.

You debuted on November 16th with ‘EMBER’, an album that we loved, how would you describe your title track ‘Double Down’? And which song would you recommend?

HYUN - I'd like to recommend ‘No Matter What I Do’ as a song recommendation other than ‘Double Down’! The chorus part of the song is really attractive, so I recommend it because it's the second most affectionate song after ‘Double Down’!

Now that you have debuted, what can we expect from EASTSHINE in the future? Do you want to visit any country?

IEL – You can expect to see our ever-growing EASTSHINE. The country I want to visit is the United States

HYUN - you can expect everything from us! We will grow until we reach the peak with our endless energy and potential! And the country I want to visit the most is Thailand! The weather in Korea is now winter, so I want to stay warm in a hot country!

DONGJAE - We will try our best to show you various music and performances in EASTSHINE's unique color, so please look forward to it. The country I want to visit the most is New York.

PHOENIX - Looking forward to being loved by people all over the world, I want to go to my home country of Thailand and meet my mother.

KARIS - You can look forward to seeing us develop more and more, and I want to perform in Japan and the United States.

YOUNGGWANG - You can expect to see us develop and grow as an artist as well. I've always wanted to visit Japan since I was young, so if I have a chance, I'd like to go there.

LUMIN - We are a very colorful group. Each member has different charms and styles, so I think we can show various charms. And I personally want to go to Canada.

We want to know you better, can you talk us about any talents we don't know about you? And how would you describe EASTSHINE in one sentence?

IEL – My talent is to be patient! To describe EASTSHINE in one sentence, "Very versatile!"

HYUN - call us "passion" in one sentence and our talent seems to have a good sense of entertainment!

DONGJAE - My talent is to talk a lot! To describe us in one sentence, "The next generation idol!"

PHOENIX - My talent is inline skating and dancing, and we want to say "light."

KARIS - I think it's a talent because I represented badminton until high school. And we want to describe it as a "light" that stretches forward.

YOUNGGWANG - My talent is Taekwondo rank 4th and I won a lot of gold medals in the Namyangju City competition. EASTSHINE’s like the "sun" because it shines on the world and spreads warm and hopeful songs.

LUMIN - I've been playing a lot of sports since I was young, so I'm very athletic and I'm very good at volleyball. EASTSHINE’s a "miracle" for small and medium-sized people

If you could collaborate with another artist, who would you like it to be?

KARIS - I want to make a pop song with my idol Jung Kook since I was young! Jung Kook's songs are my favorite, so I would be so happy and honored if that happened!

To finish the interview, do you want to send a message to the fans in Spain and Latin America?

LUMIN - Thank you for supporting us from afar. We'll also go further so that the light from the east like the sun can go all over the world. Thank you!

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