HELLO GLOOM and from20 interview

After their visit to Granada, and during what was an unforgettable weekend, we had the honor of interviewing singers from20 and HELLO GLOOM, two artists whose energy and talent have captivated the fans. The singers talk us about their latest songs, what they would like in the future, and more that you can read below.

Don’t miss this interview with from20 and HELLO GLOOM!


HELLO GLOOM and from20 interview


Can you introduce yourselves to our readers?

Hi, we are from20 and HELLO GLOOM! We are the way our job is as a visual director and songwriter in Korea.

You have a big presence in all your releases, how was the experience in creating "MAMACITA"?

from20 - When I first started composing the song, I really wanted to use spanish. I heard the word 'mamacita' has a really passionate meaning and I wanted to use the word to make a hotter and sexier song.

How was the experience of creating your own project together?

HELLO GLOOM - We wanted to make advantage of our visual and music. While we are working together, we really want to make good music. One of us is really good at singing and one of us is really good at composing. We wanted to get that harmony and viralize the good result of our work.

from20 - We have different strengths and we wanted to feel each other good points.

What can you tell us about your latest comebacks?

from20 - It's been a long time after I released "Beat It" and I thought and considered a lot having a good quality song. With "Demon", my latest single, it has improved my potential and also developed my position so well.

HELLO GLOOM - "MAMACITA" was released like a month ago, I feel good and I am really happy because many people like this song. I'm really happy at this moment because I am in Spain.

If someone wanted to start listening to your music, what song would you recommend?

from20 - "Demon". It's my latest single and it shows my current 'myself' and the more I'm releasing songs the more I become cooler. *laughs*

HELLO GLOOM - I love "MAMACITA" of course. However, the best song that defines myself is "Eyes On Me", because it shows the mostly HELLO GLOOM's vibe, atmosphere, and feeling. It's like my identity.

Is there any Spanish-speaking artist you would like to collaborate with? Who would that be?

from20 - For me, Pablo Alborán. Last year, I sang his song, he saw my video and mentioned me after seeing it. That's why I'd really want to meet him one day.

HELLO GLOOM - Enrique Iglesias. I liked his songs when I was young and now, so I love his music and a collaboration.

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